Sometimes we sign up for things in the hope we'll attain mystical powers. Like the ability to hear and see things that make life easier. Easier to predict. Easier to prosper. Easier to avoid the pitfalls of everyday relationships.

Other times we sign up believing we'll find a magic key that grants us access to the life of our dreams. A life of joy and grace. A life free from the pressure of bills and the frustration of computer glitches. Where children, husbands or wives are all copacetic, and there's nothing to get hung up about {Yes, you should start singing "Strawberry Fields" at this point}.

This eight-week online experience is different.







We all want to be making a difference - at work, at home, in the community. So when the reality of our efforts seems slow to respond, we work harder to "get results" and in the meantime, life is happening to us instead of for us.

When life is happening to us, we struggle to truly nurture ourselves. 

We struggle to feel oneness with family and end up building walls of frustration.

We struggle to participate intuitively when all we see is crisis point.

In dualistic notions of the universe, the suggestion is that we struggle to recognise our uniqueness as fabulous because there is something to fix. Because there is something we lack. Because we are being thwarted or suffer from some learned sabotage.


In the Perfect Present, we pose these same questions without ever needing to look for what's wrong with you. Without ever needing to integrate or illuminate. Without ever needing to fix, change or heal.





Ready for an experience that won't fade over time? An experience that won't ask you to become a monk, expect you to be 100% all the time, demand global transformation as proof you're doing it right, or leave you feeling as if you've signed up for a lifetime trapped silently screaming inside an equanimous emotional straightjacket? 


Discover what it means to truly believe YOU are doing the best you can with what you have. Find out what it takes for YOU to trust that you are perfect for your purpose. And have an experience of life in this moment where there is nothing missing or wrong with everything you are right now...



















Every day for fifty-six days you receive new content including:

1. Pages and pages of material to read (or not, it's up to you) about cosmologies across the globe (and how to identify yours), the psychology of pathology and ways to see your true reflection without diagnosis, the art of allowing as an everyday experience (not a special meditation), and so on.

2. Experiments to partake in for your own exploration, there's no test at the end.

3. Videos to watch when you're ready for something wildly unexpected.

4. Interviews to listen to whilst you're doing whatever it is you do.

5. Quizzes to blow your pre-conceptions out into the open (and love them just the way they are).

6. Recipes for an experience of the unknown.

7. Meditations to listen to online or download for later when it's quiet and you're offline.

8. Storyteller exercises to reveal what's really going on for you (and how to 'be with' that).

9. Journals and self-reflections to download and do in your own time (no homework to report on, just enjoy the process of exploration for its own sake and feel free to share if you simply can't hold it in any longer).

8. Regular Check-In recordings to see how you're travelling (after all this is some pretty unconventional stuff).

9. Live calls, recordings, and portal access are all included.



Here's a quick summary of each week to whet your appetite.



WEEK ONE: Permission to Play

Traditionally the notion of permission has been understood in terms of authority. That’s why we have started this process with play. This week, everything we are asking of you is about exploring the possibilities of play in your life. Why not start with the question "Whose permission do you need to step into this moment as an expert on how to be naturally you?"





WEEK TWO: Permission to Rule

Although we cannot control how you use this eight-week experience, we would love you to accept your sovereignty as sacred. We would love this if it feels true for you. We would love your truth to be the only barometer of what is and is not in your best interest.





WEEK THREE: Permission to Dance

Every experience is a move in harmony with All That Is. Getting out of bed, dishes not done, another task at work, that person again! Nothing is beyond your experience. Nothing is inside-outside your experience. There is only your experience of what is, and the story that you tell. The story that keeps you safe; that helps you make sense of how it all fits together.



WEEK FOUR: Permission to Feel

Knowing each feeling is a perfect match for you in the moment can make all the difference. Rather than begrudging a lack of enthusiasm or seeking reprieve from jealousy, you now have a way to meet this energy in motion as a tool for self-awareness (and ultimately, self-acceptance). 




WEEK FIVE: Permission to Connect

If we don't show up as a calm and compassionate being there is a way of understanding that truth without making ourselves inherently wrong; there is a way to accept that truth as empowering rather than a flaw to be corrected; and there is a way to embody that truth as the I Am without becoming someone we're not.




WEEK SIX: Permission to Shine

Are you shining? How do you know? What are the symptoms? Is there something else to figure out first? Something else to do before you qualify or pass the test? In the Perfect Present, there's nothing wrong with you. It's a sacred and purposeful impetus that makes you uniquely divine. 




WEEK SEVEN: Permission to Celebrate

If the Earth or Spirit or whatever you rely on to find order in chaos, had a request, what would it ask of you? Is it so unbelievable that Spirit wants you to be celebrated and not berated for who you are? Let's spend a week exploring and experiencing the wholeness of what it takes for YOU to remember who you are is perfect for your purpose.




WEEK EIGHT: Permission to Be

“There is no path to Happiness. Happiness is the path. There is no path to Love. Love is the path. There is no path to Peace. Peace is the path.” ― Dan Millman

During our final week together, you experience what it is to simply be. To allow 'what is' to be your guide. To be the path, and appreciate not-knowing.



the Perfect Present

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