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It's not hard to imagine that having your world turned upside down requires a little conversation now and then. Anyone with a new baby or new to another country can tell you there is so much to navigate and it's impossible to do it all without access to an open door.

Let us be your open door. We will not take away the opportunity for you to divine your own answers (even if you ask us to). Our focus is on how you are experiencing the sacredness of this moment.




Somewhere along the way you made life a test. The 21 Day Challenge is your way of understanding how to translate that test into a conversation with the cosmos.

By being present to your own Divine Identity you no longer need to be the master of the universe. You can let the universe be an alchemy of All That Is, and still know exactly what to do/be.

Embrace life as more than a reason, a reward or a to-do list. Be Spirit manifest!




Your Manifesto is not a set of rules to live by, nor is it a page of platitudes to smooth the realities of life as a war between good and evil. Your Living Master Manifesto is a living document.

It stays with you as you remain aware of all the changes you are in every moment. It sees through you into the alchemy of what's really going on in every situation. And it brings you back to the Loudest Point with an unshakeable love for what is.

Celebrate this and every moment as simultaneously the I and the I AM!





Answers are highly overrated things. We think we need them to take action, to be on purpose and to "get it right" - whatever that means. 

More oftne than not, it is the question that allows for true insight.

This process is for you. It is your way of knowing when to take action. It is your method of deciding what is purposeful. And it is your sense of making meaningful wherever you find yourself.

This is not a one size fits all process. Your experience will be yours alone. No-one goes through the same workshop as you do, so let's have that conversation!



PLUS a special bonus coupon to purchase bi-monthly private calls* for half price with any mentorship! 












There is no way to accurately describe what happens over the eight weeks. Something magical occurs when you allow yourself to live full time in a reality where no-one is right, wrong or incomplete. It's as if the world becomes a playground for your living mastership, and it's no longer enough to simply get things done - you're actually experiencing the world as Spirit manifest.

Explore permission to Play, Rule, Dance, Feel, Connect, Shine, Celebrate and Be exactly who you are right now without ever having to change, fix or heal anything! I know it sounds crazy, but there is a way to experience life without the duality and exchange of separation.


For more on what's covered in the Perfect Present, please CLICK HERE









      When it feels like life needs a reboot or you're sick of dragging your dusty self around, the Spring Clean Session⁺ is for you!





      When something drastic has to change or else, then Quantum Shifts⁺ are occurring and here is a way to be gentle with yourself.






    When love, relationships, self-care or passion are at hand,
    then choose a Heart Felt Session⁺!


    When something drastic has changed your way of life, 
    the Earthquake Session⁺ is for you!







The Perfect Present Portal

Access to the portal begins in week eight. As a paid portal member you can take advantage of the weekly LIVE Calls⁺⁺ to comment, process or input questions coming up for you around any of the material, experiments or experiences you're having. 

This is a great way to explore what it means to be present on purpose no matter what, with people who are actually doing it!






Louise Moriarty's Heart Song Reading
You are in for a treat people! Louise has something you can't quite put your finger on but you know it's special.
Some describe the Heart Song as a mirror into their gift, while others talk about being truly seen. However it works for you, we know this is an extra special inclusion you will value for the rest of your life.






The Sacred Circle⁺⁺⁺ is somewhere to actually talk about what's happening for you in this process. No more being positive or telling the hopeful version of the story - a real, down-to-earth, scars and all conversation with people who know the blame, shame and control "stuff" of everyday life!

We expect you to have experiences you've never had before. We understand the frustration and self-talk that comes with a fresh perspective. There is nothing you can say that will make you right, wrong or incomplete.
















This is an extraordinary process that Louise & Melanie only do on special occasions. It requires you to be open to who you are as love. Although this may sound light and fluffy, we are rarely ready to see ourselves as completely powerful and Spirit manifest.

Power and love are unfamiliar experiences, that's why this is a special occasion. There is nothing to be afraid of. The instensity is not overwhelming in a physically potent way like getting too much inforamtion. The instensity is being brought back again and again to love and power and going nowhere else.







Louise has a way of being with you that feels seductive-solid-silly all at once. Again, it is almost impossible to describe what happens when you receive your Heart Song Reading. Let it simply be said that being seen is a powerful process.

As an emotional empath, muse, activist and educator, Louise is more than words can say...

Go visit Louise on Tumblr

Check her poetry out on Facebook








There are some people in this world who need to do little more than speak, and you're suddenly flying on an eagle wing, burrowing into the earthworm's world, or birthing a star in the galaxy. Becca is that person.

If you get the opportunity to work with Becca make the most of it. You will rarely meet someone as capable of allowing magic to happen!

Becca is also an Occupational Therapist who has an amazing way of communicating with, and understanding people no matter their so-called capacities. Many of her patients are physically unable to indicate what's happening for them. For Becca that is no barrier. She knows-feels-hears people from a place where words and signals are ultimately unnecessary.








You know about the Portal from the Introduction Mentorship. It's where you get access to weekly LIVE Calls with everyone having the Perfect Present Experience.

Explore the series of recordings for nourishing yourself as you process new ways of being in the world but not of the world, as well as material created around what it means to be the only one operating by this new cosmology (which is something we all end up wondering).







You are not alone.

The world can feel like the enemy when you don't have someone to confess your truth to. The crazy thing is, it's our truth that allows us to know the world as a conversation with the cosmos.

These calls are yours to really permit yourself to see your own truth without charge. Let us do our job and be with you in a way that makes visible how your truth is empowering and on purpose, to enjoy who you are everyday!




+ Online or offline sessions to make visible all that is asking to be seen. We suggest you take one session at the beginning of your adventure, and the others when your intuitive-logic pulls you to. Of course, you can purchase extra sessions anytime with our special bonus coupons.

++ From week eight of the Perfect Present, you can access to weekly Live Calls with Louise and Melanie to ask, comment and process whatever's occuring for you.

+++ From week eight, you can also access to all the paid features of the portal including our gathering of the virtual spiritual circle.

Anytime access gives you regular contact with Melanie and Louise at no charge. This is your extra special time via Skype, phone or in person to use as you please. Obviously there are reasonable limits to the time of day and duration of such intensive support. No more than 5 hours per week by phone, Skype or in person, daily email access to a personal address, and/or unlimited social media access. This aspect of the Mentorship is only made available after you have completed the first two Mentorships.

Please Note: Three months is the duration of the products and services offered specifically in the ‘Intimate’ Mentorship. You have six months to complete the Introduction, and then twelve months to complete the Full Immersion before the products and services in the Intimate Mentorship become available.

** Any coupons must be claimed during an active mentorship.

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